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  • My Chosen Information for You
  • Help to Reduce Your Pain
  • A Whole-Body Approach
  • Keeping Yourself Fit
  • Improving Your Physical Wellbeing
  • Posture and Tone Optimization

Osteopathy and Pilates

  • Broad Range of Osteopathic Advice
  • Improve Core Strength
  • Better Spinal Function
  • Health Care for Spine and Joints
  • Exercises Suitable to Your Back
  • More Info on Self-Care

Healthy Eating

  • Eating Can Be Fun
  • Really Healthy Recepies
  • Nutritional Concepts
  • Balanced Diet
  • Weight Loss Foods
  • Foods for Wellbeing

Arthritis and General Health

  • Lots of Medical Information
  • Internal and External Health
  • Contemporary Medical Issues
  • Various Joint Problems
  • Treatments Available
  • Advice for Arthritis Sufferers

Fitness and Conditioning

  • Training for the Fit and Not-So-Fit
  • Approaches to Body Strengthening
  • Support Info for Body Conditioning
  • Options to Optimise Sport
  • Advantages of a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Knowing Your Limits

Feet and Posture

  • Posture Training from Health Experts
  • Training Oneself to be Straighter
  • Interesting Info from Alexander Technique
  • Foot and Ankle Mechanics for Better Alignment
  • The Role of Podiatry
  • Understanding Why You Slump

Doctor Damon Murgatroyd, Osteopath


Each visit includes a full medical history, biomechanical assessment, manual and manipulation therapy; followed by a working diagnosis plus self-care plan.

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I work primarily as a ‘structural’ osteopath – ie. stretching and mobilising the joints and tissues of the body.

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I bring to you the very best in modern osteopathic health care. I specialise in teaching Osteopathy to Doctors from around the world

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