Dr Damon Murgatroyd is recognised by most major health insurance companies at his Osteopathy Clinics in Southampton, Bournemouth and Charminster. 

To assist you with claiming back the fees using your private health insurance for osteopathy treatment I have the following advice:

Please check the terms and conditions of your individual policy and obtain the appropriate authorisation and referral to confirm that your treatment costs are covered.  Without this information all fees must be paid in full at the time of the appointment and claimed back from your provider, the practice will provide an invoice at time of payment.

Please Note:

Bring your Insurance Membership Number and any Authorisation Code with you.
I also need information about any First Excess amount, the number of sessions covered, and limit on total fees for the course of treatment.
Check with your provider if they cover the completion of medical forms, as if required, there is an additional fee payable.
Dr Damon Murgatroyd no longer works as a medical doctor, but he continues to bring his wide experience when you see him as an Osteopath.

All patients are ultimately responsible for any unpaid fees related to health insurance for osteopathy.

Osteopathic Treatment – Who To Claim From If Insured

BUPA is Not Available

The reasons for this are: They will not reimburse my fees in full, they will not let you top up your fees, and they restrict the number of times I can see you. In addition BUPA will increase my admin costs with form filling and treatment data requests. 

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What If You Are With BUPA?

Huge apologies if you are insured with BUPA, but I recommend that you check out the breadth of cover of the other providers listed if you require osteopathic therapy. If you choose to leave BUPA for this reason, please tell them why. Interestingly, I am finding that some patients have a ‘big procedures’ membership with one of the larger companies, and also run a cheaper subscription to eg Simply Health  to cover lesser claims such as osteopathy.

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