Fees for Osteopathy

Below are listed the clinics where you can see me, and the fees for osteopathy treatment at each.
Each centre has it’s own ‘feel’, and different staff, but you will always receive a warm welcome.
The quality of care and treatment that I provide is of the highest quality and safety, whichever clinic you choose.


Below here is information about how I charge when you see me in my clinics. There is an initial consultation fee, and the fee for each follow-up appointment. An initial consultation fee is charged if you have not been seen by me for more than 1 year. Thank You.
Damon Murgatroyd


But the quality of osteopathic care that you receive will be the same! In the different clinics the running costs vary a lot and this is reflected in the prices. Also, I have Special Prices on Ice Packs and gels - ask in clinic.  See the info about the clinics, below the prices boxes.
Your Osteopath


I will always aim to tailor your treatment to your personal needs. This can mean that in one session more time is given over to your 'management plan', and in another more time with 'hands on' therapy. The content of one treatment session will of course be related to where you are on the improvement curve.
Dr Damon Murgatroyd


Dr. Damon Murgatroyd

    36 years experience

During the time when I was a newly-trained General Practitioner I went on to qualify at the London College of Osteopathic Medicine. The treatment methods enhance natural healing and balancing processes. Osteopathy is therefore very complementary to the medical musculoskeletal care that you receive from your doctor.

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2 Crantock Grove – on Castle Lane West, Bournemouth
Clinic Fees from April 2022
Fees for Future Clinic Visits

First Ever Appointment With Me, or Greater Than 1 Year Since Last Appointment

  • This appointment 40 mins
  • treatment on first visit
  • working diagnosis
  • management plan given
  • home exercises as appropriate
  • no request to make multiple bookings

Please remember to contact your private health care company if using insurance

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Follow-Up Appointment, or Less Than 1 Year Since Last Seen By Me

  • Follow-up or re-appointment 30 mins
  • review and progression of treatment
  • fine tuning of diagnosis
  • management plan review
  • home exercises checked
  • any further sessions only after discussion

Please remember to contact your private health care company if using insurance

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Your Local Clinic is in Bournemouth

Great for North of Bournemouth

This proud building is a stone’s throw from Castlepoint Shopping Centre. It is on the corner of Castle Lane West and Crantock Grove, with free off-road parking. Your appointments will be in a ground floor treatment room on Wednesdays and in a first floor room on Thursdays – however special arrangements can be made for people who cannot use stairs. Please note: You do NOT need to be referred by a GP to see me.

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Avenue Clinic

I am, regrettably, no longer working from this clinic.


Enjoy Easy Access from Cemetery Junction

My apologies, but I nam no longer working from this clinic.

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Milton Road Osteopathic Clinic, Charminster parking

Entrance to Osteopathic Clinic, 2 Milton Road, Charminster

Your Assurance of Quality

Protecting You

The General Osteopathic Council oversees the training and further development of the Osteopathic Profession. They also help define our scope of practice.

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Safe Treatment

Only those who have qualified with full osteopathic training, and who have shown on-going education in the subject, can be on the osteopathic register.

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I Train Doctors

After qualifying as an Osteopath at the London College of Osteopathic Medicine, I became the lead teacher of Osteopathic Technique there for a few years. For my services to teaching the doctors on the course I was awarded the Fellowship of the LCOM. Now, having left general practice, I have returned to my teaching role at the College for part of each month.

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Medical Professional

I am a registered Medical Doctor (Reg’n 3000340). I opted to concentrate on my osteopathy, so am no longer licensed to practice as a GP. I therefore do not prescribe medicines, but I do work within the scope of being an Osteopath with additional Medical and Musculo-skeletal Medicine training.

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Quality of Care

As an osteopathic patient you are entitled to a high standard of care. This report is full of useful information:
Find out more about osteopathic practice
Available evidence and simplifies the existing research
Discusses the benefits of osteopathic therapy
Answers 4 key questions – safety, effectiveness, patient experience, and cost

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